Supply-chain solutions

Call Impulse and turn your supply-chain into a competitive advantage.

Services to OEMs

Impulse offers enterprise-grade supply-chain solutions for global companies requiring on-demand management of mission critical services. Whether it is outsourced logistics, regulatory compliance, or value-added services, clients turn to Impulse to provide differentiation, compress time-to-market, and remove costs. Call Impulse and turn your supply-chain into a competitive advantage.

Cross Dock Operation

Cross-docking is a distribution system where items received at the warehouse are not received into stock but are prepared for shipment to another location, typically via truck, shipping container or rail.

Finished Goods Distribution

Consists of all activities involved in movement, storage and distribution of Finished Goods from the Delivery point of Plant to the Point of Sale

Omnichannel Order Integration

Route your orders from various channels to create an optimal fulfillment workflow

Supplier Attraction & Development

We have the commitment and the abilities to manage and optimize all the activities involved in a supply chain scenario.


We can help connect you with the right supplier in Mexico. Our established network of suppliers and contacts can help you benefit from a reduction in duties.

Complete Pull System Integration

Our custom WMS allows for direct integration with your ERP to completely eliminate the ordering process.

Warehousing & Materials Management

Store and manage your materials anywhere you or your customers need. Be it warehouses, railcars, terminals, silos, cross-docks, seaports, or even directly within your factory. We have direct presence in the US, MEXICO, and EUROPE along with network of partners we can integrate into a single platform.

Enterprise Labeling

Impluse adheres to AIAG standards for labeling and tracebility down to the standard pack level. You benefit from improved traceability and accuracy. Custom barcodes can also be created to label for your ERP.

3-Way Match for Full Accounts Payable accountability

Automate your payment process and make accounts payable issues with suppliers a thing of the past, with our 3-Way Match Report. Our system can automatically combine your Order number, Packing List Number, and Receipt number from your ERP system.

For you as a factory

-USA Based Incoming and Outgoing Cross Dock Operations
-USA Importer of Record and Drawback Processes
-VMI and Consignment Inventories
-Control Tower Visibility for WIP and Supply Chain


-Sourcing Services
-Finished Goods Distribution - Customer Systems and Labeling
-Supplier Barcoding / Enterprise Labeling
-Returnable Container Management


-Black Friday & Mission Critical Shipments
-Supplier Development
-Supply Chain Finance
-Quality Services
-Order Control