Supply-chain Solutions

Call Impulse and turn your supply-chain into a competitive advantage.

Services to Suppliers

Impulse offers enterprise-grade supply-chain solutions for global companies requiring on-demand management of mission critical services. Whether it is outsourced logistics, regulatory compliance, or value-added services, clients turn to Impulse to provide differentiation, compress time-to-market, and remove costs. Call Impulse and turn your supply-chain into a competitive advantage.

For you as a supplier

Duty & Tax Free Importation to Mexico
In-Bond and Normal Importation to USA & Europe
Local Eyes, Ears and Hands for Full Support
Sales & Technical Staffing
Customer Service
Warehousing and Materials Handling
Quality Services
Customer Directed Systems and Labeling
Full Traceability and Visibility
Sub-assembly, Re-pack, Inspection, Labeling, Kitting, Sequencing
Transportation and Delivery
Manufacturing Shelter Support & Contract Manufacturing
Outsourced Managed Processes
Sourcing Purchasing Accessory Parts
Consulting & Support for Plant Installation
Invoicing and Collection
Supply Chain Finance

Mexico / USA / Europe / China Importer of Record and Exporter of Record

Real time visibility of process status.

Mexico & USA Fast Track Certifications

Mexico Value Added Tax Certification


Supply Chain Finance

Reverse Logistics / Quality

Omnichannel Order Management

Staffing / Mfg. Space / Shelter

Sales / Invoicing / Collection

Tax & Duty Drawback Management