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Fast Track US Tax & Duty Drawback

Mexico Fast Track Importation NEEC

Mexico Value Added Tax Deferrement AAA Certification

ISO 9001/2008


Mexico Defense Dept. Explosives Importation


Because of global Security and Fiscal concerns a huge service gap is created separating Certified companies that have flexibility to operate efficiently and those that face growing obstacles and time/cost consuming processes


IMMEX: Allows Impulse to Import Goods into Mexico Duty Free

NEEC: Under this program Certified companies such as Impulse face 1% secondary inspections versus an average of 14% for non certified AAA: Every Importer into Mexico has to pay the Value Added Tax of 16%, the exception are the AAA Certified companies such as Impulse who have the ability to postpone payment for a net zero effect

RUBRO-L: Companies Certified under this program enjoy the trust of the authorities which translates into more flexibility and operational options, Impulse is RUBRO-L Certified


US CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism): Companies certified under this program enjoy a Fast Track for importation into the USA

Additionally we offer support for foreign companies that want to have their products imported into the USA